Wednesday, May 15, 2013


New Green Lantern Corps writer Van Jensen describes, his own take on John Stewart's struggle against the Guardians, why the return of his former foe Fatality to his life will echo his haunted past and the difference between writing indie comics and mainstream capes and tights books.
John is your lead character this. How did you approach the task of setting your version of him in issue #21? What was your "in" to him as a character?
He's a pretty fascinating character just in how much stuff has happened to him. As the central character of this book, the first issue is all about setting a new starting point for him. We're not changing the status quo or anything. It's more about figuring out where he is. He's gone through these things that have affected all of the Corps, but he's also gone through some changes on an individual level. I think his character has not been painted as fully in the past as some other characters, so we really want to explore all the sides of him. And not just kind of leave him as that stern, good soldier type, but show him as being a lot more than that.

One of the most interesting things is that he has this military background, and there is some history in his military experience with him questioning the leadership and what his place is in the Marines. That's a great analogy for what's been going on with the Corps and the Guardians. Things there have changed to a significant degree. But John has always been the good solider – which is funny because soldiers and Marines are different things – but what happens to the good soldier when he realizes that the higher ups are not reputable? John is taking a moment here to be introspective and wonder what he wants out of his future and whether that will include the Corps.

Fatality has come back into John's life in a big way, and will continue to play a role in this series. Longtime readers know that she was introduced initially surrounding the fallout from Stewart destroying a planet in the classic "Cosmic Odyssey" series. What does her involvement here say about how that event still weighs on him?

Exploring that relationship is definitely going to be a big part of this series. A relationship with a Green Lantern under the best of circumstances is not very ideal in the history of the comic, and John and Fatality come into this with as much baggage as you can possibly have. The way we're looking at it and why it's kind of interesting is that she's now forgiven him. As a Star Sapphire, she has committed her love to him, and he still needs to process al of this stuff that's in the background. As much as he's willing to go ahead with this relationship, he's still very doubtful. It's a huge amount of stuff to deal with. Destroying an entire planet? It's takes a while to get over that.

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