Tuesday, July 23, 2013

David Ramsey Says More ACTION In Store For Diggle In 'ARROW' Season 2 - HEROES4US

David Ramsey
Says More
 In Store For Diggle
Season 2
David Ramsey shared that, "Right off the top, just more fisticuffs. I mean it is an action show, more Diggle fighting and there's a big tragedy we're coming out of and Oliver has to [come to] grasp with that. I think Diggle helps - he's kind of that rock, that center that he's kind of always been since the first season."
John Diggle was created for the TV series "Arrow", where he is Green Arrows sort of sidekick. He's also his bodyguard, who was hired by Moira Queen.
He 1st appeared in the pilot as Oliver's body guard/chauffeur after he had been kidnapped. He's shown in the show as being very logical keeping his emotions out of his decisions most of the time though he on one occasion left his emotions in and it almost cost him Carly's life.
He has a vendetta against Deadshot who killed his brother and has threatened to kill him. Diggle is more than willing to leave the team as shown in the episode Home Invasion if that is the only way to fix the problems and he only came back in the episode Lone Gunman when Oliver apologized about everything.

He's shown to care deeply for Oliver and he always is seen doing what is best for him even if it means it will hurt him in the now. He's also the 1st person in the series to ever find out who the Hood is.

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