Monday, July 22, 2013

DC Universe Presents #0 - MISTER TERRIFIC - HEROES4US

DC Universe Presents #0
Michael Holt, one of the smartest men on the planet, has decided to become a superhero named Mr. Terrific. He has created a special T-mask and T-spheres to make himself more powerful. In his studies, he came across the "Ninth Dimension" and decided to enter a portal to visit it. On his way, he sees images of his past, such as the death of his wife and son. He then sees images of his future — he joins the Earth 2 Flash and Green Lantern, fights Power Girl, and is killed by a man in a suit. The portal suddenly forces him out and he can't remember anything he saw, but vows to return as soon as he can.
James Robinson, Writer
Tom Derenick, Artist
Mike Atiyeh, Colorist
Dave Sharpe, Letterer
Kate Stewart, Assistant Editor
Joey Cavalieri, Editor

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