Friday, July 5, 2013

Diversity: Where 'Justice League' Film Can Top 'The Avengers' - HEROES4US

 'Justice League'
 Can Top
'The Avengers' 
It’s the marketing hook, racial diversity and female empowerment, that Warner Bros. needs to make its big superhero team picture stand out after what will likely have been two Avengers films by the eventual release date. It’s about letting Warner Bros. make a Wonder Woman movie without actually having to take the risks allegedly associated with selling a Wonder Woman movie. It’s being able to advertise that Warner Bros. was able to do something important before Marvel got around to it.
Even today, as sad as it may be to admit, centering a major blockbuster around a female superhero and an African-American superhero would still qualify as a big deal. It’s the trump card that DC Comics has over Marvel should they choose to go that route. Not only would it be a marketing masterstroke, but it would be a way to make the Justice League movie actually *matter*.

 It allows them to highlight a different Lantern Corps member, such as, say, Jon Stewart. Said choice gives WB/DC a one-up over Marvel (an African-American superhero in a true co-starring role!) and allows you to highlight the GL that an entire generation of moviegoers is most familiar with due to his starring role in the superb Justice League animated series from the 2000′s. You get to market a major superhero film featuring an African-American superhero (again, something Marvel Studios seems reluctant to do) without taking any of the alleged risks associated with such a thing.

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