Sunday, August 4, 2013

Captain America 2's' Anthony Mackie on the Falcon's evolution - HEROES4US

 Captain America 2's'
Anthony Mackie
the Falcon's evolution
"The one thing I appreciate about Marvel, is when they introduced this character, they realized the value of having an African-American superhero, and they continued to reintroduce him and put him in different contexts until they felt like they got it right,"
"So he continued to evolve and change and be reintroduced, in a way that as we changed as a people, he changed as a character. And you know, you gotta appreciate that, you gotta admire that from people who realize...or admit what they had wrong.
The way the Falcon was created...he was created in three incarnations," Mackie answered. "And we went with the more military aspect of him as opposed to the superhero earlier aspect. So there is no bird."
"This is a guy who has very little fear, very little fear and has a mission and is kind of...has tunnel vision when it comes to the mission," he told me of the character. "And whether they're superheroes or not, it's irrelevant to him. He does what he does. That's why I...I mean, when I first met with them and they explained to me who the character was and then I went and kind of found the origin of Crossbones and really excited me, because I don't have superpowers. And yet I kick the shit out of a lot of superheroes."

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