Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Star Trek: Enterprise’s Anthony Montgomery Launches Miles Away - HEROES4US

Star Trek: Enterprise’s
 Anthony Montgomery
Miles Away
Montgomery is launching his new sci-fi franchise, Miles Away, starting with an all-ages graphic novel series, which released April 24, 2013. The story is set in the future (2089) and follows incredible young Maxwell Miles, a shy 16-year-old with a clouded past who develops a superhuman ability (Super Photographic Reflexes), gets recruited by a shadowy organization to battle an evil entity and her minions, allies with alien refugees and falls into an interstellar war as he explores his family’s dark past. Max battles evil on two worlds – FUTURE EARTH and RO-TWYLA. Max and his companions travel the universe and meet extraordinary beings with phenomenal abilities, learning valuable life lessons along the way.
Miles Away offers unique educational content tailored to children and also adds an African-American superhero to the ranks. There are currently no other African-American superhero shows on the air. “I never created Miles Away so I could create a ‘black superhero,’” Montgomery said. “My dream was to create a compelling character, who happened to be a superhero and who happened to be black, but who would be relatable to the masses. Color doesn’t matter in my Miles Away universe. As Max pieces together his past, I feel that readers will identify with him because everyone will relate to Max’s desire to know where he comes from and know his own history. And they’ll have a lot of fun watching the birth of a superhero!”
Montgomery plans for the epic scope of the franchise to ultimately span across three mass media outlets: graphic novels, animation and live-action feature films. True comic enthusiasts who like to acquire their material in sets are assured that there will be more graphic novels down the road, but the animated series will pick up the storyline immediately after the first book; then the second book will continue the story from the animated series, and so on, creating an exciting trans-media roller coaster that will ultimately lead to the franchise’s evolution into live-action feature films.
Since the April release, Montgomery has promoted Miles Away around the world, beginning in Los Angeles and Burbank, California, traveling to Dusseldorf, Germany, Sydney, Melbourne and Perth, Australia, Denver, Colorado, and Las Vegas, Nevada at the 12th Annual Official Star Trek Convention hosted at The Rio Suites Hotel. Dallas sci-fi lovers can get their own autographed copy of Miles Away at Zeus Comics on Inwood, where Montgomery is solidifying an appearance scheduled before the end of the year. Montgomery is also negotiating appearances in the U.K., Canada and Ireland.

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