Monday, September 9, 2013

Adam Thompson Illustrates 50 Superheroes In 50 Days - HEROES4US

Adam Thompson
50 Superheroes
50 Days
Adam Thompson wanted to improve his Adobe Illustrator chops, so he gave himself a fun task to do: illustrate one superhero a day in Illustrator for 50 days. He learned a few new tricks, and came out with a fun set of heroic illustrations.
Most of the images that came out of Thompson’s “50 Heroes in 50 Days” project are these adorable little pill-shaped people, and it’s interesting to see what happens when he plays with those shapes and each heroes’ key components. Heroic jawlines make a huge difference in how the characters turn out, and seeing pill-shaped Storm in that cut-out costume is a fascinating bit of incongruity. The series also provides some great object lessons in how small details can reveal a lot about character. General shapes and colors are the main focus of these illustrations, but every now and then.

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