Saturday, September 7, 2013

Nate Hallinan's "The Order of X" Art Work - STORM - HEROES4US

Nate Hallinan's
 "The Order of X"
Art Work 
This is some fantastic artwork! Nate Hallinan's "The Order of X" series features members of the X-Men as though they existed in a medieval/fantasy universe, like Game Of Thrones and The Hobbit. In this alternate reality: Nightcrawler is an Elf, Beast is influenced by Beorn from The Hobbit, Colossus is a blacksmith, Cyclops is a Knight, Storm is a witch, Charles Xavier is a Lord and Wolverine is a dwarf. Besides illustrating the series, he also provides lavish backstories for them, which you can read below

As a young adult, Xavier met Ororo as a child on one of his quests. He caught her trying to steal his coin purse with his mind, but when he did, he saw her potential. He offered her a home where she would never have to steal again. Henrick McCoy took her in as one of his apprentices.

Ororo eventually developed the ability to manipulate weather. For obvious reasons, she gained the name Stormbringer. Many presume that she is a witch from a distant land, even worse, some even fear that she has control of Xavier's mind with a spell. Unwavering to these rumors, Xavier considers Ororo as one of his most trusted counselors.

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