Saturday, October 5, 2013

BATWING 'Zero Year' Issue - First Look - HEROES4US

 'Zero Year'
 First Look 
Yeah, let's talk about Batwing: Zero Year. Does the the concept behind Batman: Zero Year help you develop Luke as a character, as you delve into his past?
Gray: Absolutely and it was a challenge, because here is a character not a lot of people are familiar with. We wanted to tell a story that showed how Luke isn't a hero because of the suit. Rather than presenting a hero who has to react and essentially become a hero, Luke is possessed of a heroic spirit.
Palmiotti: It is also gives us and the readers a chance to see what Luke was like before all of the Bat antics and get to know the character more.
Nrama: What's Luke like as we meet him in Zero Year?
Gray: He is training in Mixed Martial Arts and going to a private school in Gotham. We show his first encounter with the gang calling themselves the 99% and see that he has more balls than brains at this point.
Palmiotti: He is also a bit of a wise ass but a good guy at heart.
Nrama: What can you tell us about the story we'll see in the Zero Year issue?
Gray: Luke as a teenager dealing with some of the same things all kids deal with except he’s somewhat privileged, good looking and popular. The difference is he’s also a good person. He’s not jaded or angry, but his optimism and idealism takes a hit in this issue as he tries to stop a friend from self-destructing.

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