Monday, November 24, 2014

FOX NETWORK - GOTHAM: First Look At Lesley-Ann Brandt As 'Copperhead' - HEROES4US

First Look
 Lesley-Ann Brandt 
Gotham Copperhead


Larissa Diaz doesn't have a snake suit — or male parts — but she's got a gun

Gotham City has a new villain in town, with a completely different look — and gender — from the DC Universe's history books.

Larissa Diaz (Lesley-Ann Brandt) — aka Copperhead — is set to make her debut on Monday's fall finale, “Lovecraft.”

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For those who can't even wait a matter of hours for the latest bad guy — err, girl — to invade Fox's Batman prequel, TheWrap has exclusive first-look photos below. For those who want a little background on the character, well, we've got that too.

In the DC comic books, Copperhead was a super-villain of the male variety, first appearing in 1968's “The Brave and the Bold.” Beginning as a burglar, the snake-costumed Copperhead quickly graduated to the assassin ranks, suffocating victim's with his getup's tail.

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Clearly, like most on Fox's “Gotham,” Copperhead is a very different version of the classic character than caped crusader fans are used to seeing.

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