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Powers & Abilities

Deadshot has no super human abilities. He is an expert marksman with his phrase being "I never miss" and is considered the DCU's greatest sniper. Deadshot is also in excellent physical condition as well as being extremely agile and athletic. In the New 52 it has been revealed that Deadshot is a former Marine and a member of the League of Shadows, in addition to being a staple of the Suicide Squad.

Expert Marksman
Deadshot is considered the world's greatest sniper. His first miss ever only came when Batman thwarted one of his hits (but Deadshot managed to injure Batman in the process). He is consistently assigned the most impossible shots (such as sniping someone while free falling from a moving plane) and unless distracted he never misses. He is also an expert in the use of any projectile such as knives and can use anything he gets his hands on as a weapon (such as paperclips)

Deadshot is so skilled that some consider his aim to be a metahuman ability.

Trained Soldier / Fighter
Deadshot usually prefers to rely on his weapons, but he is an excellent melee fighter as well. He has received training from the Marine Corps, the League of Shadows and the Suicide Squad. He was able to defeat in hand to hand combat The Unkown Soldier (although he was already injured). He is also adept at stealth and undercover missions.

Peak Physical Condition
Deadshot is in excellent physical condition, particularly his agility, stamina and reflexes.

Although he doesn't seem to like it, Deadshot has prover numerous times that he is a very effective field leader for the Suicide Squad and is (usually) one of Amanda Waller's first choices for the Squad.

Weapons & Equipment

Twin Wrist Gauntlet Guns
Deadshot's trademark weapons are his specially designed wrist guns. They can fire multiple rounds and can also be equipped with special rounds depending on the target.

Special rounds include incendiary rounds, explosive rounds, non lethal rounds, armor piercing rounds and specially designed custom rounds (by Deadshot)

Special Body Armor
Deadshot wears a very durable special suit of armor. This suit has allowed Deadshot to sustain large explosions as well as hails of gun fire and even gun shots from point blank range to the head, though in many of these instances it has been destroyed whilst leaving Floyd relatively unharmed. Deadshot's visor and helmet enhance his senses dramatically to the point that he can hear a humming bird's wings flapping.

Grappling Hook
Deadshot sometimes uses a grappling hook that fires from his gauntlets to climb or swing from building to building (similar to characters like Batman)

Various Other Weapons
Deadshot has been seen to use a vast range of different explosives as well as a vast arsenal of weapons including hand pistols, riffles, rocket launchers and explosives. His wrist gauntlets also conceal a knife for melee combat.

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