Wednesday, February 18, 2015


Anwen Bakian


As Marvel kicks off its massive new Secret Wars event in May, it will be Gerry Duggan and Dustin Weaver teaming up to present a reimagined “Infinity Gauntlet.”

Written by Duggan (“Deadpool”) and Weaver (“Edge of Spider-Verse”) with cover and pencils by Weaver, this “Infinity Gauntlet” will chronicle the adventures of a young woman named Anwen Bakian, who lives with her dad, sister and grandfather in a post-apocalyptic wasteland, searching for food and hiding from enormous insects.

When Anwen discovers a mysterious stone that potentially holds considerable cosmic power, however, her circumstances change.

HC: Could you describe Anwen Bakian and the characters that will take readers through the adventure?

GD: Anwen is the reader’s lens into this world, and having written another young hero for Marvel, I can tell that inexperienced characters are a real gift. They make mistakes … and may trust the wrong characters. Anwen is another great character in that great Marvel tradition. She’s a hero with just as many problems in her personal life as she’s got while she’s adventuring. Those problems are intertwined in this series. Anyone curious about the Marvel Cosmic Universe is going to get a real kick out of this comic.

DW: This is a story about a family. It’s about being a parent as much as it’s about growing up. Anwen is the older of two sisters. She is smart and courageous. She’s in a difficult place of needing salvation and realizing that it might have to come from within, which I think is growing up.

HC: How would you characterize the overall tone of this series?

GD: It’s a post-apocalyptic-coming-of-age-action-adventure yarn.

DW: My hope is that it will be fun and adventurous with heart and intelligence.

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