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This Morgan we meet up with in the finale is very, very different from the one we last spent any significant time with, in Season 3’s “Clear.” What can you say about Morgan’s journey between “Clear” and “Conquer”?

I can say that there has been an insightful incident in Morgan’s life, as there was between the [series premiere] and “Clear,” in the sense of how he lost his wife and how he lost his son. Something has happened to Morgan since “Clear.” He has come across someone who has had a profound effect on him, and we have seen the results of that effect, and what it has done to Morgan, and the path that he’s trying to walk, and the reasons why he has gone in search of Rick.

It did seem obvious that he’s made time for some serious introspection, and that perhaps he found the only still operational martial arts school in the post-apocalyptic world, because he definitely has some skills that we were not aware of before.

[Laughs.] Yes, he has acquired some skills and a change of weapon of choice. That change of weapon of choice is as much about the change in Morgan as his appearance and his sense of himself now. There has been a big effect on him, and I think in Season 6, there may well be a telling of that transition in Morgan in one way or another.

We saw him earlier in Season 5, briefly in the premiere, and then in the mid-season finale, arriving at Father Gabriel’s church. There’s that moment where he’s standing at the front of the church, looking around, taking things out of his pocket, and he starts to laugh. Why?

It is part of the change that he’s made, but also, it’s a measure of, I think, for him, how far that change could go. I think he laughs because in the world that he’s in, it’s absurd to pray. I think his realization in that single moment in time is that — because he closes his eyes and he opens his eyes, and everything’s still the same — and that’s when he’s aware that there’s only so far down this new road that you can go.

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