Wednesday, June 10, 2015



We'll start with Black Panther. According to the site, T'Challa will actually side with Tony Stark initially, though his loyalties may shift as the story progresses. This obviously places him in direct conflict with Captain America, and the two ultimately come to blows. As expected, Panther's costume is "shrouded in Vibranium", and during his battle with Rogers we'll see him "scratching Cap's shield easily and his prowess will prove to be a viable threat." We can also expect to see a "sleek Panther jet of some type," which apparently looks very "Stark-like."

War Machine will be getting a huge armoury upgrade, and is said to appear more "tank-like" in the film. He'll also have a new shoulder cannon which can be detached and "used as a kind of warhammer/baton."

The coolest bit of news relates to Falcon. We've already saw new duds at the end of Avengers: Age Of Ultron, but he'll be getting a few additions such as wrist lasers, grappling hooks, and... Redwing! Fans have wondered if we'd see Sam Wilson's falcon sidekick at any point, and he will debut in Civil War, but with one major alteration: he'll actually be a robotic drone that'll be "linked" to Falcon, but that he obviously doesn't control telepathically.

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