Friday, July 24, 2015

What can a Black superhero do for the Black community? - HEROES4US

What can 
Black superhero
 do for 
 Black community? 

If Cyborg could solve any real-life issues facing the black community today, what would it be?
"This is a difficult question, in part because the black community faces a myriad of complex issues, none of which can be solved by a single individual. Even if Superman were black, he couldn’t fix everything the community faces. And as much as I love comic books and superheroes, I think it is dangerous to have them tackle complex problems and then solve these issues, when in real life that simply doesn’t happen. Cyborg can take on an army extraterrestrials and save the day -- as a writer, I can make that work.  But can he tackle police brutality and actually fix the problem, which itself is linked to other problems? If there is one issue that we can have Cyborg grapple with -- one that I believe is very important to the black community -- it would have to be self-esteem.

This is not to say that Cyborg can fix all the contributing factors that lead to so many young people of color suffering from low self-esteem, but by merely having him present—by having him being front and center, dealing with his own issues of self-worth and belonging—maybe he can help others with their struggles."     

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